Thirumana Porutham

In tamil, Thirumanam means wedding and Porutham is compatibility. Matching horoscopes of the boy and girl is a standard practice in marriages arranged in India.

Nakshatra Porutham is one part of the larger marriage matchmaking process. It refers to evaluating the compatibility based on the asterisms of the boy and girl. Given enough importance to even veto a marriage, it would be interesting to see how useful it turns out to be. Here is an article which uses actual data to show that this is one thing which can be done away with.

Narendra Modi’s swearing-in chart

Modi chose May 26th, 6PM as the swearing-in time as the new PM of India. No doubt this would have been chosen by his astrologers. How auspicious does this time turn out to be?

In Muhurtha or Electional Astrology, Lagna (Ascendant) and Moon should be strong and without any malefic influences. For most events the 8th house signifying death / longevity should be empty. And then the house signifying the event should be strong and free of malefic influences.

Lagna is very strong with the yoga-karaka Saturn aspected by 10th lord Moon and ascendant lord Venus. Rahu’s presence is going to indicate excesses, hyper-activity and exaggerations….all OK for a PrimeMinister :-) Moon in the grip of the Nodes and aspected by Saturn, Mars and waning is very unfavourable.

The more detailed article can be read here.


Saturn tranist on Scorpio and Narendra Modi

Saturn’s transit in Narendra Modi’s horoscope

I had discussed in detail about the Narendra Modi horoscope last week. I then realized that he is having his Shani Saade Saath (Saath, Sati =7, Saade=1/2) ie. transit of Saturn over his moon-sign, which is Scorpio. Saturn takes 2 1/2 years to cross each sign (Raashi) and is deemed to have an unfavourable effect when transiting over the 12th, 1st and 2nd signs from the Moon Sign (Janma Raashi). In common folklore and dinner table conversations, Sade Sati is seen as a harbinger of hurdles and unwelcome stuff.

Deciphering Saturn’s transit (Sade Sati / SadeSati)

KN Rao, a retired senior Govt. of India officer, had proposed a simple idea consisting of 3 parts, which has held my attention all these years. I have used it to discuss here in detail how a powerful natal horoscope, very favourable periods and helpful Shani Sade Sati makes Narendra Modi invincible!

Narendra Modi horoscope

There are 2 versions of “Narendra Modi horoscope” floating around. The Scorpio ascendant version (here is the complete chart with some predictions), certainly holds the promise of a stupendous rise in social status & power. Mars and Moon in the Scorpio ascendant indicates a strong, sturdy, masculine body, which matches with reality.

Clearly the Scorpio Ascendant fits much more than Libra ascendant. Two other Hindutva leaders, former Karnataka CM, BS Yeddyurappa as well as LK Advani have Scorpio rising as the Ascendant. Curiously C Rajagopalachari, the last Governor-General of India, a statesman, poet, intellectual, who started the right-wing Swatantra Party in the 1960s also has Scorpio rising.

Read the detailed analysis



Delay in Marriage – 2

By applying astrological rules predicting difficult/no child-birth, agitated mental states, danger to spouse; alliances from such girls might be rejected, thus making astrology into a self-fulfilling prophecy, as far as marriage is concerned !!

In this series, I hope to look at 100+ horoscopes of unmarried Indian women aged 40+ and let us see what we get; though only by examining horoscopes of girls in cultures where such judgments are not made, we can clear this doubt of self-fulfilling prophecies ?

Observations (based on 6 horoscopes so far): Delay: 4/6

Sat Rahu Merc
Chart 4

Sun   Jup
Moon Age: 41 Venus
Asc Mars Ketu

Moon Asc Sun Venus
Ketu Mars Jup  Sat

7th House: Strong – 7th lord Mercury in own house is great

7th Lord: OK+ – 7th lord Mercury well placed in own Raashi, Gemini. Weakened by debilitation in Navaamsha

Venus (Marriage Significator): OK – Well placed in 9th house. Vargottama. Discomfited being in inimical sign of Leo ruled by its dire enemy Sun

Ascendant: Strong – Aspected by benefic strong 7th lord Mercury and neutral 2-3 lord Saturn. Lagna lord exalted with Yoga Kaaraka Sun is excellent, muted by it being in 8th house

Moon: Strong – Full moon aspected by Lagna lord exalted Jupiter, 9th lord Sun and 5-12 lord Mars

7th House from Moon: OK – 3-12 lord exalted Jupiter is very good; 8th lord Sun is not OK

5th House (Children): Afflicted – Rahu aspected by Mars is a dire affliction, while Mars as 5th lord could be a consolation but for his close association with Ketu


  • Maybe a slight delay due to Mercury’s debilitation in Navaamsa and Venus being in discomfort in Leo
  • Denial/delay of children influences decision on boy’s side??

Moon Sat Rahu
Chart 5

Mars Age: 41 Asc Jup
Sun  Merc Venus Ketu
Moon Asc Rahu Mars
Sun Navamsa Jup
Merc Ketu Sat

7th House: OK – Aspected by strong, benefic 5-8 lord Jupiter. Paapakarthari dosha since hemmed in by Mars & Saturn

7th Lord: OK – 7th lord Saturn in 8th with 12th lord Moon. Exalted in Navaamsha

Venus (Marriage Significator): OK – Swakshethra (in own Raashi), afflicted by Ketu

Ascendant: Strong – Lagna lord Sun in 4th with 2-11 lord Merc. 5-8 lord benefic Jupiter in Lagna. Yogakaaraka exalted Mars aspects Lagna

Moon: Mild Affliction – Vargottama, mild affliction due to Saturn conjunction, Paapakarthari dosha since hemmed by Saturn & Rahu

7th House from Moon: Delay – Aspected by 11-12 lord Saturn. 7th lord Mercury vargottama in Scorpio.

5th House (Children): Ok – Aspected by strong lord Jupiter & strong Saturn. Hemmed by Sun & Mars


  • Delay but not till 40s;Venus dasha (period) till 30th year could have easily given marriage

Sat Rahu Asc
Chart 6

Mars Age: 41 Jup Moon
Sun Ketu Merc Venus
Merc Rahu Asc
Navamsa Jup
Mars Venus
Sun Sat Ketu

7th House: Weak – Ketu, unfavourable exchange of 6 & 7 lords weaken the house

7th Lord: Weak – 7th lord Venus debilitated in 6th, aspected by strong 10-11 lord Saturn

Venus (Marriage Significator): Weak – As above

Ascendant: Strong – Lagna lord Mars exalted, vargottama in 10th giving Ruchaka Yoga.  Has Rahu and aspected by benefic, well placed 9-12  lord Jupiter and 3-6 lord Mercury

Moon: OK+ – Aspected by 1-8 lord Mars and conjunct with 9-12 lord Jupiter leading to a powerful Gajakesari and Raja Yoga

7th House from Moon: OK – Hemmed in by Mars & Saturn, aspected by benefic Jupiter (So similar to Chart 5 7th house)

5th House (Children): OK – Raja yogas due to Jupiter & Moon. Affliction from 8th aspect of very powerful Mars and 5th lord Sun in 8th house and debilitated in Navaamsha


  • Delay or denial due to powerless 7th lord & Kalatra Kaaraka Venus and weak 7th house

Delay in Marriage – 1

By applying astrological rules predicting difficult/no child-birth, agitated mental states, danger to spouse; alliances from such girls might be rejected, thus making astrology into a self-fulfilling prophecy, as far as marriage is concerned !!

In this series, I hope to look at 100+ horoscopes of unmarried Indian women aged 40+ and let us see what we get; though only by examining horoscopes of girls in cultures where such judgments are not made, we can clear this doubt of self-fulfilling prophecies ?

Observations (based on 3 horoscopes so far): Delay: 3/3

Moon Sat Asc Rahu
Chart 1

Venus Sun
Age: 41
Ketu Mars
Ketu Asc Venus

Navamsa Sat
Merc Sun
Moon Jup
Rahu Mars

7th House: OK – Has Ketu in it

7th Lord: OK+ – 7th lord Venus well placed in 10th house (Makara); Not combust; Aspected by exalted 9th lord Jupiter

Venus (Marriage Significator): OK+ as above

Ascendant: Strong – Vargottama; has Rahu in it; Lagna lord Mars in 6th, aspected by Saturn and Moon. Exalted Jupiter in kendra gives Hamsa Yoga

Moon: Afflicted – In close conjunction with Saturn in 12th; aspected by exalted 9th lord Jupiter and Lagna-8th lord Mars; splendid exchange of houses with 12 lord Jupiter

7th House from Moon: Afflicted and powerless – Mars in 7th aspected by Saturn; 7th lord Mercury in Sandhi in Makara and hence powerless. Being vargottama can be taken as a alleviation

5th House (Children): OK – No aspect; 5th lord Sun vargottama in 10th house (uncomfortable Capricorn/Makara) aspected by strong, benefic Jupiter


  • Would predict delay but not denial till 40 yrs
  • Afflicted Moon is a marriage delayer – seems to be the only strong reason
  • Lagna at 1.57 degrees. If birth time is 8 minutes before, it would push Lagna to Meena (Pisces); making the analysis just like Chandra Lagna above and easily vindicating reality. But since time is given very specifically as 11.51, this is an unlikely scenario

Rahu  Sat    Sun Mars
Chart 2

Age: 40 Jup(R)
Moon Asc Ketu
Mars Jup
Venus Rahu Navamsa
Merc Sat
Moon Asc Sun

7th House: OK – Aspected by a strong Saturn, indicating delay

7th Lord: Strong – 7th lord Venus well placed in 4 house(Kumbha); Vargottama; Aspected by yogakaaraka 2-5 lord Jupiter; 2 deg from Mercury and hence no Graha-Yuddha

Venus (Marriage Significator): Strong as above

Ascendant: OK+ – Lagna lord Mars in 6th, Swakshetra (own house); Vargottama; aspected by 2-5 lord Jupiter

Moon: OK – Comfortably placed; close aspect of Saturn; aspected by 2-5 benefic lord Jupiter

7th House from Moon: OK – 7th lord Mercury in Kumbha with 6-11 lord Venus

5th House (Children): Highly afflicted – Rahu, Saturn, Sun doesn’t bode well for having children, despite the excellent exchange of houses between 10th lord Sun & 5th lord Jupiter (also the Putra kaaraka)


  • Saturn’s aspect on 7th house can delay, but not so much with a strong Venus/7th lord – Rahu Dasa/Saturn Bhukthi from 32-35 years should have seen her married
  • Moon is aspected by Saturn, but is quite fine and is also aspected by Jupiter
  • Denial/delay of children influences decision on boy’s side??
  • Rahu-Venus period till Sep 2008 – no better period than this now!

Jup Rahu
Venus Sat Chart 3

Mars  Sun Age: 44
Merc Ketu
Moon Asc
Rahu Navamsa Sun
Asc Jup Moon 
Ketu Mars
Merc Sat

7th House: Strong – 7th lord in 7th. Guru’s position also gives Hamsa Yoga

7th Lord: OK – 7th lord Jupiter in own house. Weakened a bit by debilitation in Navaamsa

Venus (Marriage Significator): Very Weak – Powerless being In Sandhi (29 deg 11 min) And in 6th house

Ascendant: OK+ – Lagna lord Mercury in 4th, vargottama. Strong benefic Jupiter aspects Lagna

Moon: OK – Comfortably placed in Libra

7th House from Moon: OK+ – 7th lord Mars exalted, aspects 7th house; 7th house aspected by Saturn

5th House (Children): Highly afflicted – Powerful 3-8 lord Mars and 12th lord Sun indicate difficult child birth & trouble. 5th lord Saturn, though in own house Kumbha and exalted in Navaamsa, is in Sandhi (0 deg 58 min) and hence powerless. Putra Kaaraka Jupiter is OK, but not enough to alleviate the afflictions in full.


  • Venus powerless can deny marriage, though 7th house strength could just convert it to delay
  • Trouble to children influences decision on boy’s side??
  • Saturn-Jupiter from Aug 2008 can result in marriage

Marriage and Dhanur Lagna – Part I

Summary: Have been seeing a lot of Dhanur (Sagittarius) Lagna girls, where marriage is delayed or denied. Wondering if it is the fickle nature of Mercury?? Or is it the 6th lordship of Venus (marriage significator)?

Venus Mars Ketu  Sun
Chart 1 Sat
Lahiri Ayanamsa Moon
Asc Rahu
Ketu Jup
Sat Asc Venus  Moon Rahu Mars  Merc

7th House: OK

  • Good aspect of 5th lord Mars

7th Lord: Weak to OK

  • 7th lord Mercury in 5th with exalted Yoga Kaaraka 9th lord Sun
  • 7th lord in 5th is a minus point, but not sure why!
  • Exalted in Navaamsa

Venus (Marriage Significator): Very strong

  • Venus, the Kaaraka for marriage, is exalted in 4th house – Malavya Yoga (one of the Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga)

Ascendant: Average strength

  • Lagna lord Jupiter weakly placed in 6th house, in the Venusian house of Taurus
  • There is an exchange of houses between 4th lord Jupiter and 6-11 lord Venus


  • Combustion of Mercury (5 deg of Sun)
  • Saturn’s close aspect to Mercury – indicating delay
  • Exaltation of Mercury in Navaamsa; exalted Venus will ensure marriage – at 35(?) years

Sat  Rahu Moon
Venus Chart 2
Merc Lahiri Ayanamsa
Sun   Asc Mars Ketu  Jup
Ketu Jup Asc Moon
Sat Navamsa
Mars Rahu Venus Sun

7th House: OK+

  • Good aspect of YogaKaaraka 9th lord Sun

7th Lord: Weak to OK

  • 7th lord Mercury in 2nd, just out of Sandhi (0 deg to 1 deg), but Vargottama
  • Good aspects from 5-12 lord Mars and Lagna-4th lord Jupiter

Venus (Marriage Significator): OK+

  • Venus, the Kaaraka for marriage, is OK in Raashi
  • In own sign in Navaamsa

Ascendant: Strong

  • Lagna lord Jupiter  well placed in 10th house, aspected by Saturn
  • Yoga Kaaraka 9th lord Sun in Lagna


  • Mercury almost in Sandhi and inimical aspect of Mars weakens it
  • Vargottama Mercury and Venus in own Navamsa ensured marriage at 34 years

Jup Rahu
Chart 3
Sat Moon Lahiri Ayanamsa Merc
Ketu  Asc Mars Sun  Venus
Mars Moon Sun Rahu Venus
Navamsa Asc
Jup Sat
Merc Ketu

7th House: OK-

  • Rahu afflicts, but not a serious one by itself

7th Lord:Strong

  • 7th (and 10th) lord Mercury in 9th
  • Exchange of house with 9th lord Sun makes it even better

Venus (Marriage Significator):Very Weak

  • Venus, the Kaaraka for marriage, is debilitated
  • Also close to Sun and mildly combust
  • Hemmed between Mars & Sun – 2 malefics
  • Benefic aspect of Lagna lord Jupiter

Ascendant: Strong

  • Lagna lord Jupiter well placed in own (4th) house, aspected by YogaKaaraka Sun
  • Ketu in Lagna is not a serious affliction


  • Marriage significator (Kalatra Kaaraka) Venus is powerless
  • Rahu in 7th adds to this
  • 7th lord Mercury is strong enough to give marriage…but it is a pretty equal fight
  • Not married at 45 years

John McEnroe

American Tennis Champion

Summary: Able to explain his physique, mental makeup, life path, wealth easily. Prowess in tennis to some extent. Timing of his great tennis successes, 1st & 2nd marriage also works easily. Father’s longevity & relationship with him is a part puzzle.

Ketu 22.17 Mars 9.31
Ven 27.22
Mer 6.22
Sun 4.11
John McEnroe
Feb 16, 1959
2230 GMT+1.00
Wiesbaden, Germany
Lahiri Ayanamsa
Sat 11.05 Jup 7.20 Rahu 22.17
Asc 25.58
Mars Moon Ven
Navamsa Rahu


Ketu Asc



Status: Famous, early resounding success in his life

  • 9th lord Venus with 10th lord Mercury gives the Dharma-Karma Adhipathi yoga
  • YogaKaaraka Venus (9th lord ) with Lagna (Asc) lord Mercury is a powerful Raaja Yoga
  • That these happen in the 6th house, aspected by 6th lord Saturn is a detraction; as is the association of 12th lord Sun
  • Exalted Moon makes for a strong Gaja-kesari Yoga – Moon & Jupiter in mutual Kendras (Quadrants)
  • Exalted Moon makes for a strong Chandra-Mangala Yoga…albeit spoilt by the 3rd-8th lordship of Mars

Physique: Very athletic, possessing excellent hand-eye coordination, artistic. And continues to play serious tennis at 47

  • Lagna with Rahu, aspected by Saturn made him lean and tall (6ft)
  • Lagna lord Mercury in Saturn’s house aspected by Saturn should have made him taller, but for the association with Venus & Sun
  • A 4 minute correction to 22.34hrs would make the Lagna Vargottama, explaining the physical vitality

Mental Makeup: No control over his temper, famous for his on-court tantrums. Manic rage on court, even as recent as 2006! Anger seen in marital life too. An interesting contrast with Roger Federer’s personality !

  • Exalted, Vargottama Moon, gives a clear & ultra-strong mind, and high intelligence
  • Warlord Mars with such a strong Moon accounts for his flaming, uncontrollable rage. And this combo occurs in the Taurus sign, signifying bull-headed stubbornness!!
  • Jupiter’s benign aspect gives him a basic good naturedness and ideals
  • Rahu in Lagna(Asc) and very close to Asc degree gives an exaggerated perspective. Have seen this combo in schizophrenics
  • Saturn’s 10th aspect to Lagna and 3rd aspect to Lagna Lord Mercury can give him a melancholy tinge

Wealth (Dhana): Earned US$12 million in career earnings in the 1980s, and about $100 million overall. Very Rich !

  • 11th (Gains) lord Moon very powerfully placed in 9th house (Bhagya), aspected by 4-7 lord Jupiter
  • 2-9 lord Venus with Lagna lord Mercury, blemished by its position in the 6th house & conjunction with 12th lord Sun
  • Dhana Kaaraka, Jupiter (4-7 lord too) aspects 11th house
  • The 12th lord connection and the threesome in Aquarius aspecting the 12th house could explain his numerous games for charity

Life Path (Karma): Tennis, appearing for endorsements, Art, Music, Broadcaster, TV serials & programs

  • Aquarius is the dominant Raashi, influenced by 4 planets and housing the Lagna, 2, 9, 10 lords aspected by Saturn – gives him the virtuosity
  • Gemini as 10th house aspected by Saturn; and 10th lord Mercury in Aquarius should make him a writer or an electronics/computer chap
  • Venus & Sun association with the above push him to performing arts
  • Venus as 2nd lord gives a career associated with voice – singing, broadcasting
  • Venus as 9th lord and Sun as 12th lord have given the long journeys to foreign lands to earn a living
  • Tennis !! – other than 10th lord also being Lagna Lord, thus connecting livelihood with the body, and maybe a Vargottama Lagna, I cannot explain it – a similar dilemma I faced in Roger Federer’s


  • Rahu-Saturn to Rahu-Venus (Aug 1976 to Feb 1986) were his golden years in tennis. Rahu-Merc (Jun 79-Jan 82) saw him at his best. Rahu acting as Mercury & Mercury proving to be the best Yogakaaraka for Kanya(Virgo) Lagna is a easy and convincing explanation
  • 1st romance & marriage happened in Rahu-Venus (Feb 83 to Feb 1986)
  • 2nd marriage in Jup-Ketu/Venus too fits the bill, with Ketu in 7th house

Not easily Explained:

Father is long-lived, with good status and relationship with him too seems OK (I would have predicted a well-placed father, who dies early or is estranged from him)

  • 3-8 lord Mars, the worst planet for Kanya(Virgo) Lagna in 9th house
  • Pithru (Father) kaaraka, Sun in 6th house, with inimical Venus and aspected by Saturn
  • Positives are very powerful Moon in 9th house aspected by 4-7 lord Jupiter


Wonderful sketch of McEnroe – July 2000

Roger Federer

Swiss born Tennis Champion

Summary: Able to easily explain his looks, mental makeup, playing style, wealth; and with a 4 minute birth time correction – his Life path too. Timing of his rise to fame also looks plausible with the time correction.

Mars 20.21
Roger Federer
Aug 8, 1981
0840 CEDT(+2.00)
Rahu  7.18
Merc 19.53
Sun  22.02
Ketu 7.18 Basel, Switzerland
Lahiri Ayanamsa
Asc  17.24
Ven  24.06
Moon 27.09 Sat  12.36
Jup  13.42
Ketu Sat
Jup Moon
Merc Ven Asc

Status: Famous, early resounding success in his life

  • 10th lord in Asc (Lagna), though not in a friendly Raashi (Sign), Vargottama(?)Lagna
  • Maalika Yoga, Jupiter-Saturn, Saturn-Mars Raaja Yogas
  • Lagna lord Sun, being hidden in the 12th house is a benign detraction
  • Lagna has PaapaKarthaari Dosha – hemmed by malefics on both sides (Sun & Saturn) – wonder what it can mean? Maybe there is no ill effect, since Sun is the Lagna lord??

Physique: Great athlete, possessing excellent hand-eye coordination.

  • If time of birth is 4 minutes earlier, Lagna becomes Vargottama; and could thus account for the great athlete he is
  • Venus in Lagna gives him the decidedly feminine looks, and maybe explains the grace of his tennis
  • Moon in the Venusian sign of Libra makes him even more Venusian.

Mental Makeup: Gentlemanly guy. Unruffled temperament. A chap with no “enemies”

  • A waxing moon with no aspects, a Lagna having Venus & Lagna Lord in Cancer (ruled by Moon)
  • Ketu in 6th house makes him liked by everybody.

Wealth (Dhana): Earned US$ 32 million in 2007 (Sports Illustrated). So career earnings over last 5 years could well be about $120 million. Very Rich !

  • 2-11 lord Merc in close conjunction with Asc Lord Sun is a classical Dhana Yoga. It occurring in the 12th house makes it suspect, though it might indicate that he may indulge in a lot of philanthropy??
  • YogaKaaraka 4-9 lord Mars in 11th house (Gains) aspects 2nd house(income). The houses the yogakaaraka is placed in or aspects, is supposed to be greatly strengthened. And Mars is strong by obtaining own Navaamsa too, with some discomfort due to Saturn’s 10th aspect
  • Laabha Maalika Yoga – all planets in a chain starting from a particular house…in this case the 11th house of Gains is a very rare and hence powerful combination. Jawaharlal Nehru has this starting from his Lagna(Asc)
  • Jupiter, the significator of wealth, and 5th Lord is in 2nd house (income) along with 7th lord Saturn, forming a Raaja Yoga; blemished by the 6th lordship of Saturn and 8th lordship of Jupiter
  • 2nd lord in 12th, 6th & 8th lords in 2nd – indicate losses due to legal disputes or will he lose money due to some citizenship change (12th house)?

Life Path (Karma): Tennis, sports, appearing for endorsements

  • 10th lord Venus in Leo, Jupiter aspecting 10th house – am perplexed to explain his tennis greatness. Maybe theatre/show-biz, speculation/investment, but tennis ?
  • 10th lord Venus placed in Lagna indicates a life by using the body.
  • Venus as 3rd lord ruling arms & shoulders, indicating Tennis (rather than for e.g football:-) ) delights me!
  • The 3 way exchange of places by Asc, 3rd & 12th lord (Sun in 12th, 12th lord Moon in 3rd & 3rd lord Venus in Asc ties in these houses even more closely
  • Asc lord in 12th house explains his repeated travels and stays away from his birth-place
  • 3rd lord connection gives him lot of short journeys to earn his living??

Timing: Saturn-Rahu & Saturn-Jupiter from 2001 to 2006 end, has seen him achieve great heights in tennis. Mercury-Mercury starting in Jan 2008 has seen him lose more often and his unrivaled status is under threat. 12 house position of 2nd lord Merc can explain both the reduction in Wins & hence Prize money.

Predictions: Delayed or denied children or abortions  – aspect of Mars and Saturn’s close influence on 5th lord and Putra Kaaraka (children significator) Jupiter.

Mars in 11th, Rahu & Sun in 12th – medical problems relating to shin & feet.

Biography, Interpretations & Comments
The End of Roger Federer Era in Tennis


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